A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hyper Neon Fishing is a fast paced beat'em up aquatic creature collection and aquarium simulator game. The player takes control of a diving bird equipped with a disco ball helmet which they use to lure aquatic creatures. Players have the choice to kill the aquatic creatures or capture them for their aquarium. The art style is hyper neon with wacky aquatic creature design.


Everyone on the team are college students. Most of us attend Champlain College and are a part of their super awesome game development program. During our Game Production 2 class where were tasked to come up with 50 different game ideas on the spot in class. One of the ideas we came up with was Hyper Neon Fishing. The name and idea really excited us- a game where the player uses funky fresh disco neon dance moves to attract fish. We prototyped a few other ideas, but both our QA testing and our personal interest lead us to making Hyper Neon Fishing. Check out our website for more details: https://www.hyperneonfishing.com


Producer: Elijah Dixson

Lead Designers: Charles Carucci and Paul Klimaszewski

Lead Artist: Cole Kirkpatrick

Artists: Nicholas Kinteris and Sean Walsh

Sound Artist: Peter Hansen

Lead Programmer: Gabriel Pereyra

Programmers: Duncan CarrollLucas Spiker and Zachary Taylor

Install instructions

Windows exe needs to be in the place as the data folder. Mac version very buggy (controls need adjusting and fish often spawn in invisible). Game is compatible with PS4 controllers. 


HyperNeonFishing.zip 71 MB
Hyper Neon Fishing.app.zip 127 MB


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Hi! I would love to play this game but I don't own a PS4 controller, are there any plans to release a version where I don't have to remap the entirety of the controls myself? Thanks!

Lead Programmer here - sorry but there are no plans to update the game currently. This game was part of a school project and we're all already moving on to our senior games.  I may go in and make the naming scheme consistent for remapping buttons in the future but that's about it. Thanks for the interest in Hyper Neon!

Wow, what a fantastic game! The music is incredible, the gameplay idea is great, and the story has meaning; this is a wonderful little indie game that i've fallen in love with.
My only qualm is with the controls; I had to remap all of the controls manually, and even then, the naming convention was slightly off. But past that, the game was (and is) well worth my time. Great work!